Sunday, June 07, 2009

I jumped out of the plane .. at 13500 ft

No kidding. Thats true - I actually jumped out of the plane.

Ok. Don't call my wife - I survived - writing this blog myself :) .

Clue - it wasn't a commercial plane. And well, it wasn't an accident either. But it was like the craziest thing to do. Here is some experience on this crazy thing...
  • Its called SKYDIVING. Tandem skydiving - to be technically correct.
  • go up in the plane to 13500 ft (a little over 4 kilometers)
  • and FALL. Yes. just fall without parachute opening - at 120 miles per hour for about 40 seconds.
  • With parachute from about 5000 ft - which takes about 5 minutes more to ground.
  • And all the while, you have the company of an experienced instructor.
  • The whole experience is simply AMAZING.

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A friend had come over my house this weekend and think he was planning this for a long time. I did not even know about it when he said - skydiving might be a good idea to try out. And I did not have much time to think. I think had i done too much planning, thinking - we would n't have jumped. Anyways, if you are even thinking about it- I would say "Do NOT think - just jump". If you need some inspirational push, here is one from their billboards ... "Work sucks so skydive :) ". So much for inspiration. And if that does n't help, perhaps it helps to know how someone feels about it now - "Wow, that was easy".

Below are some of the logistics to plan for...
  • Make a reservation in advance
  • Low wind days are the best. You wont have to wait at the hangar.
  • The program takes about 1 hour but allow for about half a day
  • Take some snacks as these might come in handy if there are delays in take off.
  • Costs $229 for the jump and $100 more to videograph it.
  • There is brief video and basics session ... about 20 mns.
  • And then instructor briefs you on the specifics of the jump
  • You wait for you plane to fly - hardest time I suppose - may vary depending on your turn.
  • In 15 mns you are up in the air and above 5000ft, you start seing other experienced divers jump in front of you and thats when you are know you are at point of no return.
  • And then JUMP. :)
  • Good luck

Divers waiting at the harbor for the turns..

Plane getting ready to start the show..

And the boarding begins...


Nishant said...

another milestone...great experience

AG said...

Awesome, a first!! Congratulations!!

Virender said...

Wow ... wonderful man! Keep it up.

Anshul said...

Chhaa gaye mitter !!