Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Pleasant Travel Surprise

Dated: 27-Mar-2009
So, here it is..

- i nearly missed my flight the other day i was traveling back to Chicago. When the departure display showed that the flight was 20 minutes late, I was damn relieved.
- i quickly printed my boarding pass - kind of reprinted because i had the check in online. At that quick moment, I noticed the boarding pass mentioned Dinner. I said wow - did they start something like airlines in India. But i did not give much thought to it then.
- I hurriedly made it to the gate and then the weather problem started and the flight was about 2 hours late. I knew the thunderstorm was building up when I started.
- Anyways, I started looking for my boarding pass to locate the group number to board. I could n't find one and I was in for a surprise now. O what is it - it says First!. I said to myself - does this thing really mean First Class !!?.
- I said no way. In my company, even the big boss does not travel first class. Well, not that he can not but its just a equal travel policy, i think.
- Now, i was kind of worried and wanted to verify if I made some mistake somewhere during ticketing process or I do an upgrade during boarding - the dinner thing. They have those upgrade buttons on the boarding pass screen which sometime become default and you may end up doing something like that.
- I also verified the airline agent. She said "you bought this ticket". Its the original ticket thats First class.
- Ok. that was good news. I called up my travel desk to make sure it wasn't me who made mistake while booking.
- And he said so travel na sir. where is the problem? I said boss, i dont have a problem but then I am not the one who charges back from the salary :)
- Well. so that was it. I was boarding my First First class flight. Cool. Never mind the wait due to weather.

More from the flight...
- i dont think there is much of a difference though. But then what do you expect after all.
- Someone picks up your jacket. You have lot of wine to drink and the dinner. Thats not bad at all.
- And then you dont have to negotiate the arm rest :)
- I think more than anything else, you get this urge of writing a blog on such a thing.

BTW, it happened because my company's travel agent gave me an upgrade and i never realized it until i reached the airport.

(I am writing this so you can smile and rejoice the feeling of traveling first class or remember it from your past)

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AG said...

Awesome!! BTW, next time you get a first class ticket, act like one and don't go checking back who made the mistake. If someone did, they should pay for their mistakes :)