Monday, October 12, 2009

Chicago Marathon 2009 - feeling is awesome

Yesterday, 11-October-2009, I completed my first official and second marathon at Chicago's Bank of America Marathon event. My last marathon was also at Chicago.

The feeling is AWESOME but it still hurts :)

Akshay's results

Chicago's course map

It was quite cold, as forecasted, when the run began at 7:30AM. Initially, a temparature of 5-10c (35-40f)sounded terrible but then soon it became such a beautiful weather to run. Had to make some last minute changes to my race day preparation so I could check in my pre and post race dress. I wasn't planning to bring anything to the event but good I did. Thanks to my hosts - Kiran, Teresa and Aunti ji - for making my event special and preparing me with carbo loads and reminding me of everything I should take to the event etc.

The gun went off at 7:30 but for folks in open corral, it started at 7:45 at the earliest. i sort of sneaked ahead of the crowd - itching to get going :)

Some good advice prevailed on me to stay slow in the first half and I kept myself on 10 minutes to a mile. The trek was quite nostalgic of my last year run. I was feeling better as I crossed 15-16 mile posts because the last time, i was fully exhausted by this time and the pain was taking me over then. By mile 20, I was starting to feel some marathon heat but nothing compared to last time. I actually started to rev up somewhat now. I was targeting 4:30 time but the break at mile 18 turned out longer than i thought. The queue did not move as quickly as I thought i would. Lost about 5-10 mns there. Had thought of gaining a few minutes but then 24-26 miles wont last as quickly :)

Chicago's last 0.2 mile is a slightly hilyl run over and its a great idea to conserve energy during this stretch and get past everyone as the marathon comes to an end.

Details of the run below or @〈=EN&event=MAR&ageclass=

Person Details
Name Guleria, Akshay (IND)
BIB 44681
Div 35-39
Split Time
START TIME 07:45:13
05K 00:32:46
10K 01:04:20
15K 01:36:23
20K 02:09:10
HALF 02:16:39
25K 02:42:35
30K 03:16:09
35K 03:54:31
40K 04:29:22
Place (total) 21919
Place (Gender) 13976
Place (Div) 2478
Total (Net) 04:44:04
Total (Gun) 04:59:23


Sathish said...

This is sooper cool Akshay! Very happy to know that you completed the race and in less than 5 hrs!! Congrats on this achievement. I am sure next time you will better this one break your 4:30 goal.

AG said...

That's my bro!! Awesome!! Next time, are you planning sub 4?

Akshay Guleria said...

Yes. sub 4 for sure.

Amy said...

Great marathon report. Nice picture there that was a really good feeling.

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