Friday, March 26, 2010

Thanks for Birthday Wishes (Web2.0 shtyle)

Today is my birthday - March 26th. Well, that isn't such a special reason to write a blog :)

But today, I kinda started wondering how "Web2.0" shtyle our wishes are these days. It seems like a seamless progression from the virtual wishing style - e-greetings, emails etc.

Here are some stats on my birthday today that made me say this ...

Facebook: 6
Orkut: 19
Email: 2
E-greetings: 0
Telephone: 7
In Person: 4
With Hugs and Kisses: 3

(Top two are the ones I call Web2.0 - just in case you were wondering.)

Incidentally, this time around I have received a the highest in couple of years :)

So, I think it is fair to say technology is taking us all to new highs in our social interaction.

Anyways, my sincere thanks to all who bothered to remember me.

Hummmmaaannn... so let me drink to that :)


Nishant said...

good stats..I would have called you up.. but unfortunately I was in drunk state.

Akshay Guleria said...

ha ha .. i think with Web 2.0 technology, there is a different kind of socialization happening :)

Anonymous said...

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