Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Ventura Hill run

The marathon recovery was not technically over and I found myself itching for some good long run for a while.

The other day when I was in Simi Valley, California, I found a good opportunity to express myself :). I returned from office quite and was getting kind of bored in the hotel's closet (room). Thought I would go out and refresh myself and found the adjacent hill a great hang out.

By the way, it was long - like marathon or anything close - just about 3 miles. Yes, but nice tiring experience because most of it was uphill.

The terrain reminded me of my uphill roads in Shimla. The top - beyond the residential - was a kutcha road to the top. All of it was, unfortunately, not accessible.

I bumped into a "No trespassing" zone. And had to stop there.

But not before I had taken few pictures of the great simi valley. I am not sure if the hill name was really ventura but perhaps it was since the road all the way to the top was called Ventura Park road.

This is the left of the valley.

This is the right side of the valley. Shows my hotel too.

And yes, the quality is not great. The pictures are taken with my blackberry.

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